Our Work

We've been in business as New York computer tutors and consultants since 1994, making onsite calls in the 5 boroughs and surrounding suburbs. We offer one-on-one computer tutoring for individuals in homes and offices, covering most of today's popular software programs, such as: MS Office, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint, MS Acess, Wordperfect, Outlook, Internet Explorer, America Online, Firefox, and more.


In addition to reasonably priced New York computer instruction, we also offer all levels of computer support. Setup, repair, upgrades, troubleshooting, virus & spyware removal: most jobs can completed in your home or office. For those occasions when we must take the computer offsite, we scramble to have it back to you ASAP, often the next day.


Our Approach

Finding good New York City computer instruction is difficult. Computer classes are an option for some; but classes often cover just one program, in detail, from start to finish.   Computer books suffer a similar downfall. Many of our users find the "Dummies" and "Idiots" series too chatty. Too much space is spent trying to relax the reader with jokes, chuckles, and amusing scenarios.   A personalized computer tutor can tailor your sessions to just those things most valuable to you. 


We take a decidedly low key approach. You sit in the driver's seat and we tailor our sessions to your specific needs. Whether it be work related such as Word, Excel or Access, or more recreational like digital photography and entertainment, we give you a real world practical approach.


No one is ever too old or too young to learn the computer. And it opens up whole new worlds in business and personal lives. We've helped thousands of clients, as old as 90, individuals and corporations, in New York City and the surrounding suburbs.


Computer Repair

We have upgraded and repaired throughout the five boroughs. Our first step in any serious hardware crash typically is to back up all of your data, directly from your computer, if possible. If the machine is too disabled to accomplish this, we will take it off site where we can usually harvest the contents of your hard drive, desktop or laptop. In any case, the first step in any such situation is to get all of your valuable data off into a lifeboat. Once the backup is accomplished, we can the take whatever steps are necessary to repair. Whether your machine needs a new hard drive, mother board, power supply, cooling fans, etc. we have access to the parts you need.


Virus Removal

There are tens of thousands of viruses floating around on the internet. Some create little more than mischief on a machine, while others maliciously erase your hard drive. Some are easy to remove with automated removal tools, while others require meticulously editing the registry. We have extensive experience in getting bugs off of computers, and then securing them with software and user habits which will prevent re-infection.

Popular Programs

MS Office, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint, MS Acess, Outlook, Internet Explorer, iTunes, Firefox, Much more

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